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    About the Host

    Jacob Allee is a pastoral intern at Reformation OPC in Apache Junction, AZ. He is passionate about theology, philosophy, the Great Books of the Western World, and Classical Education. Jacob holds a B.A. in Religion and Apologetics from Luther Rice College, an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University, and is finishing up (hopefully soon) his Ph.D. at Faulkner University in Humanities with a focus in Philosophy. His dissertation work is on the compatibility of abstract objects with classical Christian theism.


    Jacob has more than a decade of experience in pastoral ministry and is formerly an ordained Southern Baptist minister but now working toward ordination in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Additionally Jacob has taught in the classical Christian education movement and has lectured at conferences on reforming our educational standards back to a more traditional seven liberal arts and Great Books approach.


    Jacob is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and loves to introduce others to a life of knowing and following Jesus. He has a wonderful wife and four great kids.

    Thinking Christianly
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